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What makes eyeglasses expensive?

Even if you have been wearing eyeglasses for years now, or it's your first time to wear eyeglasses, or you've been planning on getting yourself one, you would wonder why some eyeglasses frames are more expensive than others. Choosing a frame can be confusing since there are so many options. There is an endless variety of designs, colors, and special features which makes it even harder to choose. Some frames may look alike, but their brands, details, materials, and prices are what makes each of them unique. Practically speaking, you cannot expect a cheap frame to have the same quality with a more expensive one. We hope that our advice will help you make a better decision on what frame you should get. What makes a frame expensive? Frames made of high-quality materials like titanium, stainless steel, and acetate are very durable. These frames cost higher but these are worth your money. Titanium does not rust just like stainless steel, but it's biggest advantage, is it's light-weight appeal. Acetate frames are made of special type of plastic that is very durable and dense. It does not easily break. Aside from very good materials, frames from popular brands are also more expensive because these are not mass produced and therefore incur higher manufacturing costs. Their rarity and quality are what makes these expensive. You will never find another person wearing exactly the same one you have. There are also frames that are handmade and require skillful workmanship by eyewear artisans. Yes, handmade frames do exist just like luxury bags and shoes. The time and skill required to produce these one of a kind frames makes them very valuable and a wearable work of art. Frame manufacturing companies are also always on a search for ways to improve their products. Because of their constant innovation, they are now producing frames that are lightweight, flexible, and also screwless.

People who wear their eyeglasses all day prefer lightweight frames because they are very comfortable. They are comfy for your nose like flat shoes for your feet. Some people prefer the flexible type of frames. These are usually thinner than acetate and are made of polyflex or tr90 which makes them bendable. Then, we have the screwless frames. Eyeglasses screws have the tendency to loosen in time as the eyeglasses are worn day in and day out. This can affect the fit of the eyeglasses later on. Screwless frames are well-built with special joints that take the place of screws, making them more reliable than other frames that depend on screws to keep them together. If you want to have quality eyewear and a very wide selection of frames to choose from, look no further than Global Eyecare Center Abreeza. We have frames that are made of titanium, stainless steel, and acetate, as well as frames that are screwless, lightweight, and flexible. We also have frames from popular brands and one of a kind handmade frames.

Now you ask, are expensive eyeglasses worth it? Yes they are. You will need to wear your eyeglasses to have clear and reliable vision everday so might as well invest in it. An excellent eyewear piece will also upgrade your look like a good haircut. What people don't know is that it eyeglasses are an accessory that effectively hints about one's social status better than a cup of Starbucks. Cheap eyeglasses, even with trendy designs, will just give away their price due to poor quality and flimsy materials. So if you have a discriminating taste with bags, shoes, clothing, phone, and car, expand this to your eyeglasses as well. You're not going to regret it.

Aside from premium frames, we also have affordable frames for those who need eyeglasses but are on a tight budget like students or those who are still starting out in their career. Our frames start at 1,995 pesos and our friendly staff can help you find a frame that will suit your face shape, your unique personality, your lifestyle, as well as your budget.

Our frames have a one year free replacement warranty for factory defects. Since our frames are not mass produced, we may not be able to provide an exact replacement for the one you originally bought from us but we can offer a similar design in a different color, or another variety. In that way we can still give you other replacement frames to choose from free of charge as long as it does not exceed the price of your previous frame. We also have lifetime free cleaning and maintenance to keep your frames in pristine condition. We may charge a minimal fee for replacement parts and accessories.

Aside from providing a number of eyeglasses frame options, we are also known to provide the best eyecare services through our state of the art facilities. We don't only focus on measuring eye grade, but we also examine for strabismus, amblyopia, dry eyes, pterygium, cataract, glaucoma,and other eye and vision problems that cannot be examined in regular eye exams. With Global Eyecare Center, you know that you are in good hands.

You can visit us at the 2nd floor, Expansion Wing, Abreeza Mall. We are near Anytime Fitness Gym.


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