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Things we want you to know before having eye exam during GCQ

Updated: May 15

During the Enhanced Community Quarantine, most of us have been stuck inside our homes. Many of us spent so much time using digital devices, reading, writing, and doing other activities that require focusing at near objects. This has led to the drastic increase of near activities that overstimulate our eyes and the absence of outdoor activities that should have relaxed our eyes. This overstimulation of the eyes and lack of eye relaxation causes blurring of vision, headache, and fatigue. All these symptoms arise to form a new eye problem called quarantine vision syndrome. If you want to have your eyes checked and get the convenience of having advance diagnostic eye tests, and eyeglasses and eye medications in one place you may visit Global Eyecare Center Abreeza. We have comprehensive eye exams, modern ophthalmic facilities, and a complete line of eye care goods in a safe and clean non-hospital environment. Global Eyecare Center has highly qualified adult and pediatric eye specialists and the top of the line eyecare facilities to examine any vision and eye health problem. We also have a wide selection of eyeglasses and accessories and a complete supply of all types of eyedrops, eye vitamins, contact lenses, solutions, and other eyecare needs. Global Eyecare Center is the most convenient and most complete eye clinic you can visit this time of COVID. We will be operational starting May 16, 2020, Monday. We have strict protocols to maintain a protected virus-free environment because safety is our number one priority. We have equipped our staff with neccessary personal protective equipments to keep everyone inside our eye clinic safe. All our frames and clinic facilities are sanitized and disinfected before and after every use. Aseptic technique is carefully followed inside our examination room and our doctors always replace and dispose their gloves in between patients. To implement social distancing, only clients who have appointments or have other valid transactions may enter our clinic premises that's why we are encouraging patients to book an appointment in advance. We will only accommodate one (1) patient at a time and up to four (4) patients a day. Patients with appointments will be prioritized over walk-ins. Transactions that do not require an eye exam like selection of eyeglasses frames, ordering of contact lenses and solutions, and purchase of eyedrops or eye vitamins may be entertained without appointments. Patients younger than 21 yrs old and older than 60 yrs old who are not allowed to go outside for non-essential services may coordinate with Global Eyecare Center so that they can be allowed to travel for their eye exam. Get all your eye care needs at Global Eyecare Center, 2nd floor, Expansion Wing, Abreeza Mall, Davao City. (Near Anytime Fitness) You may book appointments through the following numbers: Landline 0822259538 Globe 09954632319 Smart 09292279908

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