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Reasons why you should choose Ortho-K over LASIK and reasons why you should not.

Updated: May 24

The first thing that comes to mind when we want to correct vision without using eyeglasses is LASIK. This is not surprising since LASIK has been around since the 1990's. After many years, patients who had LASIK are now experiencing its long-term effects. This is because no matter how successful a LASIK procedure is, our eyes will still undergo post-LASIK physical and visual problems caused by our lifestyle and as a normal consequence of aging. We need a vision correction method that can be modified as we encounter these changes in our eyes so we can enjoy the best vision in every stage of our life. Many doctors are realizing this, that's why they prefer to use trendy eyeglasses, or use soft contact lenses instead.

Today, research and modern science have provided a non-surgical way for people to achieve clear vision without using eyeglasses. This is called orthokeratology or simply Ortho-K. This is a refractive therapy that flattens the cornea similar to LASIK. Unlike LASIK which utilizes a bladeless laser, Ortho-K uses a custom-made lens that must be worn while sleeping. The laser used for LASIK permanently makes the cornea thin, sensitive, and dry, while orthokeratology flattens the cornea at the same time maintains the full thickness and health of the cornea. This is why Ortho-K is preferred over LASIK for patients who are contact sports athletes, or people who are exposed to extreme conditions like too much heat, very low humidity, and dirty or sandy environments. Our highly-experienced orthokeratology specialist has successfully applied Ortho-K on dry eye patients, senior citizens, pregnant women, and children as well. These group of patients are usually discouraged to undergo LASIK procedure due to the risks and side-effects that come with it. Majority of post-LASIK patients experience severe blinding glare due to drastic reduction of the curvature and thickness of the cornea. While this can also happen in very few Ortho-K patients, the glare they experience is usually more tolerable and a lot milder than those who underwent LASIK. Ortho-K is good for people who need to have clear vision without any eyeglasses or contact lens correction like police, military, firemen, pilots, athletes, sales representatives, tv personalities, and others.

Best of all Ortho-K is the most effective method for myopia control. Degenerative myopia affects patients who start to have poor vision during childhood, or patients who are exposed to too much near work like use of digital devices, reading books, school or office work, painting, and other activities that require focusing at near objects. Degenerative myopia causes early cataract, glaucoma, and retinal detachment in the course of middle to late adulthood. This is why children who are diagnosed with myopia are highly encouraged to use Ortho-K to stop or control myopia and to prevent degenerative eye diseases.

Given all the benefits of Ortho-K doesn't mean you should already count LASIK out. Ortho-K maybe very safe and effective in improving your vision overnight, but you must wear it religiously while sleeping to maintain clear vision. Also, you need to take care of your Ortho-K with doctor prescribed solutions to keep them clean and good to use. An Ortho-K specialist may require you to have a follow-up visit at least twice a year or every 6 months so he/she can monitor changes in your eye and decide whether you need to have adjustments on your Ortho-K lens measurements. If you are the type of person who does not have a solid hygeine routine, and can be non-compliant, then LASIK is much better for you. With all the good things that Ortho-K has to offer, it is just realistic that it can be more pricey in the long run with its maintenance costs. But your eyes' well-being is priceless. As long as you have the means, it is wise to invest in your eyes, most especially if it is your child's eyes. They will thank you later.

If you are already considering orthokeratology for yourself or your family, it is only very discerning that you choose only the best. At Global Eyecare Center, we have all the factors that can guarantee optimal vision. We have a seasoned orthokeratology specialist, top of the line facilities, and a manufacturing partner that masterly produces Ortho-K. Our orthokeratology specialist Dr. Lareen Dawn Baluso-Tan is one of the pioneers of Ortho-K in the Philippines, and the first one to practice this specialty in Mindanao. She is the sole official partner of OK Vision in the Philippines. OK Vision is an ophthalmic company from Russia that manufactures custom Ortho-K. The partnership between Dr. Tan and OK Vision only produces the best visual outcomes for each patient through their excellent customizations, and constant discussions prior to Ortho-K production until dispensing and follow-ups. Aside from managing patients, our doctor both provides Ortho-k materials and trainings for other filipino optometrists so that more and more filipinos will be able to enjoy clear vision for life. If you are interested in using Ortho-k or if you're an eye doctor who wants to apply for orthokeratology training, you can visit her at Global Eyecare Center, 2nd floor, Expansion Wing, Abreeza Mall, Davao City. The clinic is near Japan Home and Anytime Fitness. You may call us for appointments through:

GLOBE 09954632319

SMART 09292279908

LANDLINE 0822259538

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