Dr. Lareen Dawn Baluso Tan Lectures on Pediatric Optometry Course

Dr. Lareen Dawn Baluso-Tan lectures on the Pediatric Optometry Course. She is accompanied by Dr. Teresita Yambot, the chairman of the Fe del Mundo Vision Institue. Dr. Dawn loves sharing her knowledge on pediatric optometry to fellow optometrists. 

February 09, 2019

Global Eyecare Center is the first and only eye clinic in Mindanao to offer Orthokeratology 

September 30, 2018

Also known as Corneal Reshaping or Refractive Therapy, Orthokeratology is recommended for young patients who have myopia or nearsightedness. Myopia is currently one of the leading causes of glaucoma, macular degenerations, and retinal detachments. All other myopia treatments like eyeglasses, contact lenses, and LASIK surgery, aim to correct vision, but only Orthokeratology has been proven to control or stop myopia progression. This is why orthokeratology is the number 1 myopia treatment in the world. Aside from its ability to control myopia, it also gives you freedom from eyeglasses by reshaping your cornea. Hence, it is also the safer alternative to LASIK.

Successfully gaining vision back with Ortho-k

May 13, 2019

“I STARTED using Ortho-k lenses on February 17 and my vision back then was 10.25 in the right eye and it’s 8.00 in the left eye. After a week, it became 4.00 sa right and 2.25 sa left, and then 20/20 na siya after one month. Ortho-k changed my life for the better. I can now enjoy sports and going outside without having to wear eyeglasses and without worrying that my eye grade will worsen.”

This is just one of the messages Dr. Lareen Dawn Tan of Global Eyecare Center receives from her patients who have undergone orthokeratology or ortho-k, as more and more people have testified for ortho-k’s effectiveness in treating myopia and astigmatism. 
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Global Eyecare Center: Your one-stop eye care clinic

March 13, 2019

WHEN talking about children, parents should not wait for their kids to complain about their eyes, because 90 percent or nine out 10 kids show asymptomatic eye problem. This means that these children already have eye problem but do not feel it because they think having blurry vision or the need to be near the blackboard always are just a normal thing.

Dr. Lareen Dawn B. Tan of Global Eyecare Center, said when a child complains about his eye problem expect that that problem is already worse.

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Knowing keratoconus and scleral lens

November 28, 2019

NOVEMBER is supposedly Keratoconus Awareness Month, but only few have heard about this word and fewer still are those who are aware that they are already affected by this eye disorder.
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7 eye diseases to watch out for in adults

January 20, 2020

THERE are eye diseases that come with age. And there are also those that progress fast because of one’s lifestyle. However, both of these kinds of eye diseases become apparent as we age. Let’s get to know the seven eye diseases common in adults.

1. Cataract

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Pedia optometrists extend help to learners

March 02, 2020

PARENTS, no matter how keen on monitoring their child's health, often take eyesight care at the back seat. This should not be the case, as according to Dr. Lareen Dawn Tan, taking care of child's health must be holistic, meaning it includes all aspect of a child's body.

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Comprehensive eye exam during quarantine

May 29, 2020

THE Covid-19 pandemic has brought us a mixture of positive and negative things. For one, it introduced us to several quarantine levels and forced us to stay at home, which also gave us more time to spend with our loved ones.

During the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), majority of us who are not frontliners were stuck in our homes and had to either work from home or entertain ourselves or make ourselves productive. And most of these activities, however, required us to spend several hours using digital devices such as computer, tablets or mobile phones, watching tv, reading or writing.

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